Piano moving

Piano Moving Bon Avenir

Why entrust the transport of your piano to Déménagement Bon Avenir Inc.?

What is the weight of a piano?

With a weight between 400 and 1500lb (between 200 and 500 Kg) depending on the model, the piano is one of the heaviest objects that can be found in a person’s home. It is also one of the most valuable and difficult items to move.

Because your piano is such a valuable instrument, it is necessary to pay close attention to it when you move. The handling of this heavy and fragile instrument should be performed by an experienced professional. With Déménagement Bon Avenir Inc., whether it is a classical piano, an upright piano, a grand piano or a harpsichord, the Déménagement Bon Avenir Inc. team is able to assess the difficulties and offer a suitable solution for transporting your piano, you can be sure to entrust the removal of your piano to an expert.

It is especially necessary to take precautions before moving your piano. If there are floors, only a professional can assess whether it is possible to descend the stairs or whether to use specific tools to go through the window.

In addition, even located on the ground floor, a piano remains very heavy. The slightest deviation, a fall, or the simple fact of putting it on the ground a little abruptly could be fatal for the instrument.

It is therefore recommended in all circumstances to call on Déménagement Bon Avenir Inc.

How much does it cost to move a piano to Montreal?

Upright piano – local moving rate $ 250 – $ 500.

Grand piano – local moving price $ 450 – $ 650.

There are several factors that will greatly influence the price of moving the piano, the stairs, the size, weight and type of your piano, the obstacles in the way of the move.