Commercial moving

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Commercial moving

Unlike residential moving, commercial moving often involves moving very expensive equipment. Whether it is products in your inventory, computer equipment (servers, computers, etc.), audio and video systems, commercial printers, office equipment, safes, files or for any other expensive or important item, our team will offer you a professional and safe commercial moving service.

Déménagement Bon Avenir Inc. offers you its new concept of commercial moving, allowing you to choose to move with or without a truck, the duration of the service, the number of movers and whether or not to participate in it to reduce costs. We offer you better service and prices for a commercial move in Montreal and throughout Quebec and Canada.

 Each business move is planned with great care to minimize the repercussions within your business or business. We can completely uninstall a business, pack all the equipment (shelves, racks, furniture and products) in an organized and structured way, then move and reinstall your business in the same way, while respecting your installation guidelines in your new premises. . Delicate items (computer or audio equipment, breakable or fragile objects) will be handled with extreme care and attention. We want everything to be packaged in such a way that there is no damage.

 Our team has the right trucks and equipment to load and handle furniture, equipment, and heavy items. All of our trucks have tie-down points and tie-down straps to ensure a clean and safe move.

We protect your furniture with blankets and take great care of all your fragile items. When loading and unloading, we will adequately protect the floors, stair railings and places of greatest risk.

We can also make short or long distance moves from Montreal to Quebec, Montreal to Toronto, Montreal to Ottawa, Montreal to Gatineau, Montreal to Sherbrooke. Our goal is to provide our clients with nothing but the best professional moving service.